Former Academy of the Strategic Missile Force near the Kremlin | Photo-walk

Former Academy of the Strategic Missile Force near the Kremlin | Photo-walk

Good day to all! Today we will walk along the empty floors of the buildings of the former Strategic Missile Force Academy, located in the very heart of our capital, just a few steps from the Kremlin — right behind the Zaryadye Park, on the Moskva River embankment.

Two or three years ago the academy was transferred to Balashikha, where it was decided to place it on the basis of the Military Technical University of the Ministry of Defense. The land was transferred to the property of the city, after which, along with all the buildings was put up for auction with a number of conditions. In particular, from the future investor it was required to preserve and restore all buildings on the territory, and also to open it for visitors. In the former buildings of the Academy it is planned to host a hotel, apartments and retail areas, and also to connect the resulting complex with the «Zaryadie» park.

From an economic point of view, the place is extremely fat and for business is much better than for training high military personnel … However that may be, from the moment the missilemen moved the buildings, the academies were disconnected from electricity and heating and, in fact, abandoned. At the corner there was a small town of builders «Zaryadya», the territory was taken under sluggish protection by several guards.

Well, the other day, lovers of exploring abandoned buildings massively paid attention to this charm, word of mouth transmitted information rapidly, which resulted in less than a day in the buildings of the Academy visited many curious 🙂 I found myself among them, so I hasten to share with my readers a few dozen photos from the most interesting, in my opinion, camera angles.

Today the photos turned out exactly 80 pieces!

On the first photo — the peak of the porch of the main entrance, on both sides of which ancient guns used to stand. Probably, the guns left for Balashikha together with the academy, as well as with most of the property. Because from the inside the main entrance now looks extremely sad — from the citations cited on the walls of the Decrees, metal letters have been torn off, not only the commemorative busts of the military commanders have disappeared from the pedestals (I suppose that they were there), but also stone decoration. It is good though from the floor and walls the multicolored finish was not ripped off, thanks to what the place could preserve its atmosphere and majesty:

The main staircases and halls with their configuration resemble the royal mansions from the movie about Ivan Vasilyevich 🙂

However, the decoration is not so royal, but clearly illustrates the good financing of military institutions.

The main corridors, forks and window openings pleasing with its historicity — around the arches and arches, moldings and all sorts of decorative reliefs.

However, most of the premises are left extremely empty, in some even wired from the ceilings and walls.

In order not to be upset by the vandalism of the wiring earners, we will continue to move along the main corridors.

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